Jo and Peter

We were referred to BCRM by our GP when my husband and I found out that we could have one IVF/ICSI treatment funded by NHS as we were unable to conceive naturally for over two years.

BCRM has a very good reputation and proved it to us not only through their success rate well above an average but also by the high quality of care provided.

All doctors and nurses prepared us for any outcome from the treatment, not giving us any false hopes or promises, all very fair and square.

The staff are very professional, kind and supportive, always happy to answer all our questions and doubts. They guided us through the whole process and in detail explained every stage from scans, tests, medicines we’re going to take to embryo transfer.

We now have twins!! That’s more than we ever hoped for after our first try.

Our best wishes to all couples living through the infertility roller-coaster and a big THANK YOU to all those at BCRM that supported us throughout our treatment.

The professional care and support from the whole team helped us through investigations to treatment.